Company Report

Assignment – Part 1
This assignment will form 45% of your overall mark for this module
This document provides the assignment brief, specification and assessment criteria for your first assessment on the module: Managerial Finance.
Key Objectives
The key objective of this section is to provide you with: • the schedule of work for the report
• advice on preparing the report
• assessment criteria for the report
The company report is an individual piece of work based on an assigned company’s report and accounts.
The length should be 1500 (+/- 10%) words overall as set out as follows. You need to clearly and correctly state on the report the number of words when submitting it.
The list of references and appendices are NOT included in the word count.
Schedule of Work
(i) Introduce the company to the reader. It is expected that this will include some company history, the principal activity of the company, products, markets and key financial results.
(20 marks……approximately 300 words)
(ii) Using the annual report and accounts, calculate the percentage movement on the following figures. You should include the following table in your assignment.
Current year
Previous year
% movement
Operating profit / loss
Capital employed – show workings if needed
Total assets
Net cash generated / used in operating activities
Number of employees
Earnings per share
Total dividend paid per ordinary share
Year-end share price
Year-end market capitalisation – using share price above. Show calculation
(10 marks)
(iii) Calculate, for BOTH the current and the previous year, the following ratios that help to highlight the company’s performance for the trading period. Show definitions and workings:
• Current ratio
• Operating profit margin
• Trade receivables collection period
• Gearing ratio
• Return on capital employed
(10 marks)
(iv) Your best friend is thinking of buying 5,000 shares in the company under examination. Write a report to them analysing the performance of your company over the last trading period. You will be expected to make use of all relevant percentage movements and financial ratios, NOT just the ones you may have calculated above.
You should conclude the report with your advice on whether or not you think your friend should make the investment.
(50 marks….approximately 1200 words)
(v) The report should be word processed (Arial font size 12) and well presented. Referencing and bibliographies should use the APA 6th System (name and date). For detail of the APA 6th System
(10 marks) (Total 100 marks)
Some other advice on preparing your report
Always clearly label the question and sub-questions, which you are dealing with. Where a word limit is imposed aim to stay within this. Always provide clear referencing of the material you use to support your arguments. Explaining rather than describing will get you more marks. Providing illustrative examples for key arguments demonstrates you understand the topic rather than can just remember it. Make sure you very specifically answer the question that has been set.
Please use ‘Group’ figures rather than ‘Company’ ones from the annual report and take any figures before exceptional items.
Marking Schedule
The following report assessment feedback sheet will help you identify the key elements of the report and the manner of evaluating them by your lecturer.
Managerial Finance ACC08402 Report Submission Matriculation Number:
Very Poor
Very Good
Company Introduction
Calculation of increases current year on previous year
Calculation of ratios
Report to friend
Presentation of work
Overall mark
Assessment criteria for the module report assignment
Below we give you a schedule, which is used as the basis for marking your assignment in Managerial Finance. This will help you to judge what you need to do to achieve any given mark range.
Less than 40% – a very poor/weak assignment, the student has not answered the assignment properly. There may be a number of errors including insufficient explanation of the theory, and a limited ability to interpret the ideas to practical situations.
40-49% – a satisfactory assignment, the student shows partial understanding of the issues but possibly combined with errors and/or insufficient or unclear explanation of the key points. There is limited interpretation of the issues in relation to the real world.
50-59% – a good assignment, with most of the key points correctly stated, the student demonstrates an ability to interpret at least some of the issues and makes a reasonable attempt at explaining the theoretical concepts.
60-69% – a very good assignment with minimal errors. Demonstrates an understanding of the key issues and is thorough in its analysis of the issues and theoretical concepts. The student shows strong critical and analytical ability.
70-79% – an excellent assignment which is well written and explained. It will demonstrate a clear understanding of the issues, using a high level of critical and analytical ability.
80% + – an exceptional assignment, which is sophisticated in its approach while being correct in every particular detail. Extremely high level of critical ability is demonstrated with original thought being evident.
Note that in ALL categories above it is expected that you will provide a bibliography (where applicable) of the material used in preparation of your assignment.
References and bibliography should use the APA 6th System

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