Community Characteristics of Worcester

This milestone focuses on the community characteristics portion of the community assessment. In any scholarly endeavor, clinical investigation, professional practice, or exploration of a scholarly topic, it is vital that you use scholarly evidence to support your analyses. Careful thought and planning are required when creating a health strategy that arises from a community assessment. You must use reliable sources and correct APA formatting.
Choose a city or town within the United States to assess at the community level and provide a summary of the community characteristics
portion of your community assessment, which will be submitted later in the course. By completing this milestone, you will be able to more clearly develop and articulate relevant information needed to complete the final project.
The following critical elements must be included:
1 Discuss the general community characteristics, such as historical development and geographic boundaries
2 Describe the demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of the community
3 Identify and describe key groups that exist within the community, with an emphasis on vulnerable groups
4 Identify specific health concerns for members of the community

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