Communication and Leadership in french culture

Prepare a research paper that addresses the French culture. The paper should be approximately five-six pages of text. It must be an analysis of a culture other than one’s own. The paper must be original to this course. This paper must include the application of theories and concepts addressed in the course intercultural communication and leadership. The paper should provide a comprehensive analysis of the nuances of the French culture. Anyone reading the paper should be able to use it as a blueprint of what the culture is like and how to function smoothly in that culture. Using the information gleaned from the above analysis of the culture. Discuss the chosen culture applying the Dimensions of Difference as they apply to your chosen culture. Based upon the information about the culture that the “Dimensions” provide, give specific examples of how the manager/team leader should behave with the chosen person from the list above. 
• What would be the most appropriate managerial/leadership style to utilize in this culture and why? Provide specific examples of behaviors in the culture that lend themselves to the style you choose. 
• What techniques for motivating this employee would be most appropriate and why? Give examples. 
• What stereotypes might one have of this culture (as a person from the USA) that would hurt ones effectiveness, and what stereotypes would help ones effectiveness? 
• If there are specific words, gestures, or ideas that one would be wise to not use or address in that culture, include this information. 
• Is the culture a low or high context culture and what does that mean for you the team leader? 
• Make sure that you use the theories presented in this class to make your points. 
• Do Not write a history of the country. This is not the assignment; That comes in the Final. You must analyze from the perspective of “leading a person from that culture.” 
• Outside resources will be necessary in order to create a complete picture of the chosen culture. A minimum of three sources, is expected. 
• NOTE: Please write in third person. Do not use I, Me, Mine, We, You, Your. This is a formal paper. Using first person in academic papers is not appropriate. In other words, your assignment is to analyze another culture through the framework of multicultural considerations. The quality of the writing and the depth of the content are expected to reflect graduate level work.

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