Climate Change Science in the Media

Consider what you have learned about the science of climate change, and find and critique a pseudoscience story about climate change in the media. Be sure to include the complete reference information for the source of your story.


For general guidance on research, including evaluating information from websites see  Library’s “Evaluating Print and Web Resources” web page at [Link]. You may also want to consult  Library’s “Human Geography Research Guide” at [Link].

The criteria for evaluating web resources, which you should use when evaluating all information from the Internet, will help you to formulate your critique.

For help with academic citations, consult  Library’s “APA Citation Style” web page at [Link]

Consider the following additional points in your critique:

  1. What is the source of the story? For example:
    1. Who is the author and what is the author’s expertise (e.g., scientist, policy maker, industry representative, journalist, etc.)?
    1. What is the organization with which the writer is affiliated (industry, university, government, or other)?
    1. If the author is a scientist, what is his or her expertise with the subject area (e.g., what type of science)?
  2. How does the story (and the author’s argument) fit with what you have learned about the science of climate change?
  3. How does the author/skeptic deal with uncertainty?

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