Childhood Obesity

Students will submit a formal project proposal using APA format. The paper should include all topics below and while your paper will be in APA format an example to emulate is on page 248 of your Melynk text.

The Spirit of Inquiry Ignited
The PICOT Question Formulated
Search Strategy Conducted
Critical Appraisal of the Evidence Performed
Evidence Integrated with Clinical Expertise and Patient Preferences to Inform a Decision and Practice Change Implemented
Outcome Evaluated
Project Dissemination
Implementation Plan and Evaluation Plan. (Note EBP plan should resemble plan on page 248 of the Melnyx text).

Topic Childhood Obesity

Picot question
Will obese children (P) in the community benefit from dietary monthly classes and physical activity guidance (I), compared to having no nutritional or physical activity education (C), in a way that will reduce weight and health-related issues (O) over the next year (T)?
Evidence-Based Peer review articles (4) less than 5 years

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