Childhood Obesity

This week you will begin your literature search to find the best evidence using the words from your PICOT question to guide you. You will also begin to appraise the studies you find using the appropriate rapid critical appraisal tool. Remember to respond to two of your peers with quality feedback. I look forward to your posts.
Using the following table, search the 5 databases based on your PICOT Question, under findings note the number of relevant articles found, under features discuss what you liked about that database. Summarize your search and attach your chart. Each database is unique and provides valuable articles and other information an investigator can use to support a new research study. Ensure to remove the pre-populated information within the table.
Exploring the Literature
Picot Question:
Will obese children (P) in the community benefit from dietary monthly classes and physical activity guidance (I), compared to having no nutritional or physical activity education (C), in a way that will reduce weight and health-related issues (O) over the next year (T)?

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