Chapter Concepts and Leadership Practice

1. Reflect on one of the four concepts presented in Chapter  4 of your textbook. The four concepts are:

  • Organization as conversation
  • Working live (present moment)
  • Innovation
  • Relational Leading 

Choose one concept and discuss the following:

Rational leading concept

What opportunities do you see in your practice for integrating this concept into practice? What challenges might you face in adopting such a practice? What are some ways to overcome the challenges?

3. Discuss an intervention, care modality, etc. in your practice setting that is based on evidence but needs a change. Using the evidence- innovation cybernetics model in your textbook as a guide (Figure 5.3 p.120) discuss  the gaps (what is missing, what needs to be changed) in the areas of practice expertise, clinical values, and/ or culture of care.  As a leader how could you stimulate innovation to close these gaps to positively impact outcomes or changes?

4. Post the results of your CliftonStrengths Assessment.  The assessment generates a report of your top five Themes/Strengths.  Post your top five Themes and discuss your thoughts about the results. Did the results surprise you?  Post the Ideas for Action for two of your five Themes. How will this knowledge of  your Strengths and Ideas for Action enhance your leadership abilities?

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