This assignment has two parts. It is based on the final topic for your group presentation .You will need to read research articles and should not use any non-scientific articles such as WebMD.

Topic: Connection between the gut microbiota with cancer immune response/immunotherapy

Part I. Do a literature review of your topic to answer the questions below. Use ~5 sentences to answer each question. I suggest to initially read review articles to get a broad understanding of the topic.

  • What are the major questions (or limitations) that remain to be answered (solved) about your topic?
  • Provide potential applications from these topics that can improve our health, environment, society, etc. Provide examples of how these systems can be modified/applied to make them do what we need them to do.
  • What are a couple things that you found interesting/surprising about this topic?

Part II. Identify three research articles that you would like to present during your final presentation (rank them with #1 as your top choice). Make sure that those articles are not reviews/commentaries/etc. Write down a summary explaining the Why? What? How? for each of the three primary scientific research articles. This does not need to be extensive (total for each article ~ 3 sentences). The goal is to convince me why those articles deserve to be presented to the whole class. For each article, follow the format below

Title of article:
Date of publication & name of journal:
Abstract (copy & paste):
Your summary:

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