Camera Use in Law Enforcement

Topic: Camera Use in Law Enforcement

There have been a number of recent incidents involving use of force by police.  As a result there have been calls for police agencies to equip their officers with cameras, specifically body cameras, in order to guard against police misconduct.  

What I would like from your work is to answer the following:

  1. Are the cameras working and/or are they effective?
  2. Should officers be equipped with body cameras?  
  3. What is/are the cost(s) monetarily to agencies equipping officers with these high tech devices? 
  4. What are the non-monetary costs to using these devices? 
  5. Should there be limitations to using these devices?
  6. Are there design deficiencies in using the cameras?
  7. Will cameras prevent or curtail police misconduct?

The assignment should be a brief position analysis of the issue.   No more than 4 pages using as many reputable sources as you wish.  Please use APA format and have it double-spaced for easy reading.  The last page will list your sources.

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