Business Owner

Question 1

Assuming the role of the business owner from assignment 1, you have received a complaint from a client, which you must review and revert to your client in order to maintain a positive relationship.

The situation:
Upon receiving your final invoice at the end of a 3-month project, a client who engaged your services for web communications/web design purposes has concerns that you did not use up all the allocated hours given to the project. When, in fact, you have overspent hours on the project. The client also questions what work you have actually carried out over the duration of the project (3 months).

Your task is to:
1. Write an informed, professional response, by way of a work progress report, to the client addressing and alleviating her concerns. (1200 words)
2. Draft an email to which the report will be attached. (300 words)
3. Reflection exercise: what measures could you put in place to avoid this
situation happening in future? (500 words)

Question 2

Singapore was adversely affected by the Global Financial Crisis which started in the United States of America (USA) in 2008. As a result, Singapore went into recession in the middle of 2008. Using the AD-AS model for illustration,
a) Discuss the view that the Singapore government should use fiscal policy to eliminate the recessionary gap in order to reduce unemployment. Please discuss both the supporting and opposing views. (10 marks)
b) Identify the supply-side policies which the government can consider implementing and discuss the likely effectiveness of implementing such policies in overcoming the recessionary economy. (15 marks)


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