Broadcast Address

  •   By completing this assignment, students will be demonstrating their knowledge and skills leant from week 1-6 that include:
IP address planning
1  Problem Context is a software development company with two branches spread over the Gold Coast region. The company’s local area network (LAN) is captured in the topology below:
Screenshot from 2018-05-03 16-02-16
Head Quarter network has 100 network devices including all computers, printers and other devices. Branch A and B subsequently has 30 and 20 devices.
Recently, the company has been assigned with a new space of IP addressing and the whole network has to be re-addressed.
2   The Task
You are contracted by the company to help with the IP address planning. The following is the new IP address space:
IPv4 network: 203.2.XY.0
IPv6 network: 2001:1234:ABCD: XY00::/64
where XY is the last 2 digits of your student ID
Your task in this assignment is to plan and document
  •  An IPv4 address plan for the LAN
  •  An IPv6 address plan for the LAN
You are expected to provide an efficient and optimum address allocation solution with the following details:
1. IP address requirement for each sub-network
2. IP address allocation plan for each network/sub-network including network address, subnet mask, broadcast address, default gateway address and valid host address range.
3. IP address allocation plan for key network device and interfaces e.g., servers, printers, router interfaces, etc.

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