Big Data Analytics Project Failures

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Many Big data projects fail due to various reasons. In 2016 Gartner estimated that around 60% of the Big Data projects failed, however in 2017 they have corrected and said the failure rate is around 85%.
As we know Big data is the buzz word in the industry and many projects are still failing.
Write a report identifying and critically analysing the reasons for failures and how this could be prevented. Ensure to support your work with relevant examples and justify your findings with appropriate references.

You should be identifying possible reasons for failures and should take an analytical approach, not just list the reasons and use relevant examples and references to support your findings. You should be discussing how this could be prevented.

demonstrates an excellent understanding of the problem and delivers a complete and good solution to all tasks and have excellent conclusions.
The student’s arguments will be supported by relevant examples and be correctly referenced.
Principles and Practice of Big Data Preparing, Sharing, and Analyzing Complex Information (Jules J Berman)

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