Background Information

Question 1

Write a 500 word analysis of the poem in the link below, no sources required. Background information on the religion and author will help with interpretation and can be used in the analysis. The link to the Poem is below:

Kalbasi, S. (2004). Hezbollah. The Forbidden: Poems from Iran and its Exiles.

Using a poem you did not select for the discussion, answer one of the following prompts and write a journal entry of at least 500 words.

3. In Kalbas’ ” Hezbollah,” the final three lines read:

This perhaps is a blessing from God
that when there is a Friday Prayer in Tehran,
we still cry over the Arab-Israeli War.

What is the “This” referring to, and is it indeed a “blessing from God”? Explain both the meaning of these lines in the context of the poem as well as how might that meaning apply to one’s own personal, work, or community life.

Question 2

In the Guardian blog you were asked to read this week, Maurice Biriotti writes:

Arguably, literature and the humanities have a lot to say about the world of business and the world in general. Ask most business leaders what keeps them up at night,

and the answer will rarely be issues of process, technology or numbers – although all of that is certainly complicated and challenging. Rather, what leaders struggle with

usually comes down to the people stuff. And by that they mean the complex and often contradictory nature of human beings.

Read the blog and watch the video interview posted for this week. Identify the main claims being made about how business can profit using insights about people that are provided by (or at least issues raised by) literature. You can use something you’ve read the past two weeks, or something you read outside of class to provide examples. Do you agree with Biriotti’s assessment? Explain, with specific references to the blog and interview. (minimum 500 words)

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