Athletics Teams

1.1 To obtain Grade A, Gumede must achieve an average of at least 75 in six tests. If his average mark for the first five tests is 73, what is the lowest mark he can get in his test and still obtain Grade A?     (10)
1.2 In a group of 60 students, 20 study history, 24 study French and 8 study both history and French. Are the events ‘a student studies History’ and ‘a student studies French ‘independent?      (10)
Sweets are packed into bags with a nominal mass of 75g. Ten bags are picked at random from the production line and weighed .Their masses, in grams are 65, 67, 45, 89, 45, 36, 86.3, 34.5
Use your calculator to find the mean mass and the standard deviation.     (10)
2.2 Find the mean and the standard deviation of the set of numbers 5, 8,8,9,14,18,100.     (10)
2.3 These are the test marks of 6 students.
66, 48, 59,89,67,79
(a) The median                        (2)
(b) The mode                           (2)
(c) The lower quartile              (2)
(d) The upper quartile             (2)
(e) The interquartile range.     (2)
3.1 A quality audit of a bottling company showed the number of defective batches outside of the specification limits for a particular oil product. The grouped data shown in the table below indicates the number of defective items per unit of measurement.


Screenshot from 2018-04-14 11-23-33

3.1.1 Complete the table data under the given columns.     (5)
3.1.2 Calculate the mean value.     (5)
3.1.3 Draw the cumulative frequency polygon and then use your graph to determine the median.     (5)
3.1.4 Use the values from 3.1.2 and 3.1.3 to comment on the nature of the distribution. Give a reason for your answer     (5)
In a class of 20 children, 4 of the 9 boys and 3 of the 11 girls are in the athletics team. A person from the class is chosen to be in the ‘egg and spoon ‘race on sport Day. Find the probability that the person chosen is
4.1 in the athletics     (5)
4.2 female     (5)
4.3 a female member of the athletics team     (5)
4.4 Between 4500 and 4 900 oranges     (5)
TOTAL: 100

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