Asset Utilization

You are a financial analyst at Greatness Plc; a public limited company specializing in manufacturing and distributing office equipment. The Board of Directors have looked into the financial statements of the company for the last two years and have raised a concern about the company’s profitability and liquidity. The financial statements of Greatness for the last two years are given below:

Screenshot from 2018-05-04 16-03-10

Screenshot from 2018-05-04 16-04-05


  1. Provide relevant ratio calculations for both 2017 and 2016 within the following performance areas:-

  •  Profitability.
  •  Liquidity. (Including the WCC calculation)
  •  Gearing.
  •  Efficiency / Asset Utilization.


All calculations should be clearly shown including workings and should be made to two decimal places.

  1. Write a report to the Board of Greatness Plc. that provides relevant analysis and evaluation of the company performance based upon the calculations offered within the previous section. (20%)
  2. Total for Part A (40%)

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