Assessment Plan

Topic 7: Model Case Study Assessment Plan Template
Directions: In 750-1,000 words, write a model case study that integrates physical and mental health, and wellness care. Then, create an assessment plan for a patient that identifies the chief complaint, initial physical exam, patient history, and safety assessment. This template is provided to help guide you in creating the assessment plan for a patient, with all of the necessary sections included. Consider the information and questions listed in each of the sections below when developing your assessment plan.
Chief Complaint
Identify any presenting issues or patterns of behavior that brought the client into the wellness center.
Initial Physical Exam
What did you observe during your initial visit with the patient?
Patient History
Include information such as the client’s history of prior hospitalization(s), legal history, medical history, and familial history.
Safety Assessment
Include information such as suicidal/homicidal ideation or suicidal/homicidal attempt.
Standardized Tools
What standardized tools are helpful with this patient?
Collaborative Services
How would the behavioral health consultant collaborate services with the primary care physician?

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