Assessment And Research

In this assignment, you are to demonstrate your understanding of assessment by responding to the prompts below in a 400 word paper.


Respond to the prompts below.

  • Describe the difference between assessment and research.
  • Why is assessment needed in student affairs? Provide a rationale and examples where appropriate.

Paper Specs

  • Put your name and word count in the upper left corner of the paper (400 – 450 words).
  • Format and cite using APA style.

Assignment 13: Assessment Case Study (100 Points)


In this assignment, you will choose one of the four case studies linked below. Then, you will individually write around 1400 word paper responding to the prompts below.


Step 1

Choose one of the cases below and read thoroughly.
NOTE FROM ME: Four PDF files are attached and choose the one that you feel more comfortable with.

Case Study 1: Assessing a New Student Orientation Program
Case Study 2: Assessing a Residence Life Program
Case Study 3: Assessing a Career Services Office
Case Study 4: Assessing Greek Life

Step 2

Use the following eleven guidelines to construct a paper (around 1400 words) that describes a quantitative or mixed methods (quantitative and qualitative) approach to the assessment process.

Consider the textbook readings and other relevant sections of the book in formulating your answers. Use other cases found in the book to assist you in developing your answers.

Eleven assessment steps are listed below. You should have at least one paragraph on each of the steps.

Step 1: Define the problem
Step 2: Determine the purpose of the study
Step 3: Determine where to get the information needed
Step 4: Determine the best assessment methods
Step 5: Determine whom to study
Step 6: Determine how data will be collected
Step 7: Determine what instrument to be used
Step 8: Determine who should collect the data
Step 9: Determine how the data should be analyzed
Step 10: Determine the implications of the study for policy and practice
Step 11: Report the results effectively

Paper Specs

  • Put your name and word count in the upper left corner of the paper (1400 – 1500 words).
  • Format and cite using APA style.

NOTE FROM ME: Please have a look at the Rubric below for this assignment.

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