Assessment 1: Community Engagement

Assessment Component 1 – 50%; 2000 Words Report [+/- 10%] 

Part A:

Local Authority Community Engagement Process

Students to submit a report as a Community Engagement Practitioner in their local authority; 

As the practitioner, research how your local community conducts community engagement; Identify the areas they are most active in and discuss what approaches are adopted. Explore and deploy the range of options to engage the community members through the process; you should explore published, relevant, credible literature and personal involvement.

You should consider addressing any social or economic development project as a case study. You will be expected to conduct in-depth research that will reflect core community issues like insecurity, crime, social deprivation, lack of recreational facilities, discrimination, and environmental concerns.

Assessment Guidance 

Follow the structure below; the project or programme MUST be a UK based project or programme, and it should be traceable.

  • Introduction: Set the scene for the reader and provide a logical narrative of the assessment and how you intend to approach it [10% of the total work count].
  • The Body: Describe project or programme, analyse the best practices, particularly on community engagement principles, standards, and the benefits of stakeholders’ participation. 

You should identify and establish the relationship between the stakeholders and what strategies are suitable for engaging them (social media platforms). Then, provide a detailed narrative of how different social media platforms can be used as an outreach to support the project (bearing in mind the interpersonal skills required to foster the level of success achieved, including creative thinking and professional skills). 

Your analysis should explore relevant avenues to promote community participation, collaboration, diversity and inclusion to enable socio-cultural integration and multiculturalism. 

In addition, you will need to consider why the community engagement practitioner needs to adopt a forward-looking approach to educate community members on internal and external factors that influence community development [75% of the total work count].

  • Conclusion: Provide a cogent summary of community engagement and make relevant recommendations to plan and coordinate a future event successfully. It should be a persuasive conclusion on your findings and recommend measures to improve community engagement [15% of the total word count]. 
  • Professional Practice: The report should have synthesis; the paragraphs should be coherent and logical; You should incorporate relevant headings/subheadings and reference using Harvard [Refer to Harvard Referencing Handbook on the Library Resource, do not include uncited resources].

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