Case Study: Anita Rocco – Teaching for English Language Development (ELD)

For this assignment, you will develop a plan of support for a ‘made-up’ 6th grade EL student, Anita Rocco. Using the case study information below (as well as any additional resources you find helpful), think about ways to develop this student’s content-area knowledge (your content- area) and their English language development.

Be sure to read through the description and instructions, as well as review the rubric for this assignment.

Case Study Description:

It is your first year of teaching [your content-area] at Roosevelt Middle School and you are learning how to best support all of your students as they learn and master your class content. Early on in the year, you find out that one of your students, Anita Rocco, who is an English Language Learner, seems to be struggling in your class, especially when it comes to learning the academic language and terminology needed for comprehension. For her first class presentation (in a group), Anita didn’t say much and it was a little difficult to understand her.

You know that she is incredibly bright and would benefit from both content and language support.

Because you want to meet the learning needs of all of your students, you go about learning more about her and how to best support her. You find out that Anita has been in the United States for 2 years (moved when she was in 4th grade from Mexico) and is the oldest of 3 siblings. Anita’s favorite subject is Science and she loves spending time with her family, whether it be attending family gatherings or going to the local library to check out books and use the computer. She also translated a little for you and her parents at your school’s Open House, so you know that she is an emergent bilingual in both English and Spanish.

In addition to what you know about Anita, you also have access to her ELPAC assessment scores (Appendix A).

Assignment Guidelines:

Based on what you know about Anita and her ELPAC scores (see ELPAC Performance Descriptors—Appendix B), the ELD-ELA framework and standards in California (from Week 1), and your general understanding of teaching strategies to support all learners, especially English Language Learners, design a general plan for support that highlights 3 different SDAIE teaching strategies that might help Anita in the areas of reading, writing, language, and/or listening and speaking (Appendix C).

In a 2-3 page paper, discuss your rationale for why you’ve selected the 3 SDAIE strategies for Anita and be sure that the strategies are connected to her needs and areas of strength (based on observations and ELPAC scores).

Be sure that your paper:

  • Is 2-3 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-pt font
  • Discusses Anita’s areas for growth (based on Case Study information, her ELPAC scores, etc.)—be sure to discuss and interpret her ELPAC scores
  • Describes the 3 selected SDAIE instructional strategies AND explains your rationale for their selection

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