Anatomy of the Human Stomach



The written assignments in this course are designed to help students explore the various aspects of the basic medical sciences that provide the solid platform for clinical investigations, discoveries and interventions in medicine. The research and writings will go from molecular details/mechanisms to clinical features of disease conditions and from normal to abnormal states of the organ structures of the human body. These assignments will likewise touch on different aspects of cancer biology as a backdrop for reviewing concepts in biomedical science.


Using the outline below, write a detailed research paper on the anatomy of the human organ assigned to you by your instructor at the beginning of the course. You should employ at least five peer-reviewed scientific sources/literature/textbooks including review articles in your research on the topic (organ) and be sure to use the AMA format. There is a five page limit on this paper but it should be detailed, comprehensive, well-organized and should have the appropriate language for 




Size, Dimensions, Shape

Surface Anatomy/ Landmarks

Boundaries/ Relations

Parts/ Divisions/ Layers/ Composition

Supporting Structures

Surgical Access To Organ

Blood Supply/ Drainage


Lymphatic Drainage

Histology/ Microscopic Anatomy

Embryology; Developmental Anatomy

Developmental Variants

Normal Organ Physiology

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