Analyzing Arizona’s Language Development Approach

Arizona’s instructional program for English language learners is based on four principles called Arizona’s Language Development Approach. According to the Arizona Department of Education, these principles are based on the core idea that “all educators share the responsibility for promoting the success of English learners.”

10 slide digital presentation, including presenter’s notes with documentation of resources and a title slide

present the following information about Arizona’s Language Development Approach to general classroom teachers:
Part 1: Terminology
* Explain Arizona’s definition of an English learner (EL).
* Briefly discuss the distinctions between the following instructional program models: ESL, bilingual, sheltered English instruction, and structured English immersion (SEI).
Part 2: Four Principles of Arizona’s Language Development Approach
* Briefly describe Arizona’s Language Development Approach and the synthesis of the research around ELLs.
* Explain student agency and its importance in the instruction of ELLs.
* Explain each of the four principles of Arizona’s Language Development Approach.
* Discuss components of Arizona’s approved research-based SEI models: Newcomer, Pull-Out, Two Hour, 50-50 Dual Language Immersion.
* 3 scholarly resources.

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