American Communities

Question 1

Fog computing.
Write a research assignment that addresses the following aspects of cloud computing:
1. Definition of Fog Computing. Provide a definition of fog computing and any other terms used in Fog computing.
2. Fog Computing Architecture. Described the layers in a fog computing architecture.
3. Three scenarios that can benefit from Fog Computing. Describe each scenario as a sub section.
4. Security aspects of Fog Computing. Describe some of the security issues that exists in fog computing.
5. Implementation of Fog Computing. Describe at least one real-world implementation that used fog computing.
6. Conclusion

Question 2

Part 1- How are the initial relaxations of the laws against marijuana an indication of a growing tolerance that should be fully adopted? All current restrictions against marijuana should be rescinded.

Part 2 – How are the initial relaxations of the laws against marijuana compromising the safety, security and “quality of life” in American communities? Prohibitions that have been modified should be re-enacted to their former restrictive level.

Part 3 – What impact will Part 1 and Part 2 have on the current prohibitions on other controlled dangerous substances (e.g., heroin, cocaine, meth-amphetamines, etc.)?

Question 3

Explain why it is important to know the literacy level of population, you are serving as a Public Health officer.


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