Age of imperialism

This task will require you to engage in ONE historical investigation, through which you will further develop your historical skills.

You will need to compose and answer a research question concerning your topic of interest. Your question must demonstrate your historical analysis skills and depth of research. You must make reference to at least two primary sources e.g. historian’s quotes in your response.

Your response will need to be typed with 1.5 spacing and be between 1000-1200 words in length. Alternatively, you may present your findings in another medium that is approved by your class teacher. Other mediums include a podcast, speech, website or multimodal presentation. Each of these mediums must be equivalent to the 1000-1200 word length.

Students are encouraged to select an area of interest from modern world history to investigate.You may wish to select one of the following to research in relation to your chosen area of interest on the next page:
aspects of society as revealed through sources
the causes and impacts of an historical event
the significance of an historical development
tracing the development of an aspect of the past over time through a thematic approach
the analysis of an historical debate
the contribution of an historical site to our understanding of the past
constructions of the modern world (eg an interpretation or representation of an individual, group or event)
the nature of social and cultural change in a decade of the 20th century.

When selecting a topic, take into account the availability of information and a variety of sources. You must attach a bibliography to acknowledge the use of sources in your response.

please do all writing in Australian English and when doingthe question do it on imperialism in the congo

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